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Rock Port Cabins Policies


For Guest Services

 For Immediate Assistance Please Call 402-943-6750 or 660-744-2444 or

Text your room number #/ guest name and Request to 402-943-6750


Check out time is 10am  ~   Please leave keys in room upon check-out

Any guest still in there room after 10am will automatically Be charged for another day.

All rooms are none smoking !!

Please step outside to smoke to avoid $100 smoking charge per incident. Automatically charges to card on file


Amenities Checklist

*Microwave *electric skillet * cook top *cooking & eating utensils *refrigerator * convection oven


Damage or stolen item charges policy & pricing

to avoid a excessive cleaning charge of up to $100.00 for appliances, All furnished amenities listed above should be cleaned by each guest prior to check-out . There will be up to a $500 pet clean up charge for urine or fesses removal in addition to Any damaged or missing items by guest/pets/company of guest !! will automatically be charged the cost of the damages or missing item !!

This charge will occur in 48 hours of departure to the credit card that secured the room reservation.

Notification and a detailed bill will be text or emailed to information provided at time of booking.

Stolen or damaged items pricelist; Comforters $139.99. sheet set $89.99 ,mattress encasement $69.99 .towel $18.00 washcloths/hand towels $6.00 each. Atomizer $49.99, electric skillet $39.99 ,coffee pot #49.99 2 burner cooktop $49.99. this also includes stained or uncleanable linens.   standard room cleaning does not apply.


Attention all guests

 We do not enter a room or cabin when guest are here for multiple days unless requested by the guest.

We all have to do our part to save this earth . This is one of your parts. To cut down on excessive laundering and cleaning chemicals used to operate this facility.

We kindly request you hang and reuse your bath towels for as long as you are able .When you are in need of fresh towels simply text your room # guest name and request, Fresh Towels! To 402-943-6750 and we will collect the soiled linins and provide fresh ones in a timely manner. This also applies to whatever guest amenity that is needed for example( room #5 name of guest and laundry services requested!/ or room #2 guest name and fresh towels!).

This notifies RPC of your towel request or your need for laundry services.


Please note: housekeeping for extended stay guests is done once a week. Bedding and towels are exchanged and light standard housekeeping,

Do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can do to assist between those days !


On-Site Laundry Facilities

Guest Hours 6am-12pm or 7pm-11pm

$4.00 a load YOU DO ! Does not include detergent,

       $10.00 a load WE DO ! Text your room # guest name and laundry services to 402-943-6750


Smile your on camera! For your protection and ours All outdoor areas & laundry facilities are under 24 hr. security surveillance!

We want all our guest to be able to enjoy themselves so

We reserve the right to refuse service to any individual at anytime .We also reserve the right to evict a guest without refund !! Due to a disturbance, any suspicious activity or renting a room or cabin under false pretenses, not reporting additional occupants or pets!

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